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Custom Web App Design, Development, & Training

As experts in digital product creation, we’ll help to clarify your goals & priorities as we work towards them together. Our focus on accessibility, performance, and architecture – resilient design systems & well-tested code – will keep your maintenance costs low for years.

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OddBird became an extension of our team bringing UX, frontend, and backend brilliance to take MetaDeploy from an idea into a production application.

Other developers build exactly what you say, or they don’t understand, and develop the wrong thing. OddBird always thinks about the project goals. I defer to the team expertise now, which makes a better result.

Developer Tools

Jump Start Sass, by Miriam Suzanne and Kitty Giraudel

As core contributors to Sass & Django, we write the books, contribute to the languages, and build the tools millions of other developers rely on. Then we bring that expertise to your custom web projects. Our clients have gained traction, been acquired, and reported easy maintenance for years. Our specialties include:

  • Branding & Design
  • Object-Oriented UX & Strategy
  • Python & Django (core contributors)
  • CSS & Sass (core contributors)
  • JavaScript with Vue, React, Node, etc…
  • WordPress
  • Accessible HTML & Nunjucks

OddBird was the wise investment. We could have selected a cheaper avenue for this work – we would have paid for it manifold in the long run.

Since OddBird thinks about handoff from the beginning, maintenance has been super easy. For example, 100% unit test coverage was a given. I never had to ask for it.

Hi, I’m Miriam

I co-founded OddBird with my brothers in 2008 to provide custom web application design and development, along with refactors for integrated design systems, accessibility, performance, and long-term sustainability.

Since then OddBird has become an industry leader – from our work on Django, Sass, and Susy, to the Mozilla Developer Channel, CSS Working Group, and in-depth conference talks on front-end architecture, workflow, component libraries, testing, and documentation.

We’d love to help you take your app to the next level.