Susy 3.0.8

Shorthand Syntax Parser

The syntax parser converts shorthand syntax into a map of settings that can be compared/merged with other config maps and global setting.

@function susy-parse()

The parse function provides all the syntax-sugar in Susy, converting user shorthand into a usable map of keys and values that can be normalized and passed to Su.

Parameters & Return

$shorthand: (list)

Shorthand expression to define the width of the span, optionally containing:

  • a count, length, or column-list span;
  • at $n, first, or last location on asymmetrical grids;
  • narrow, wide, or wider for optionally spreading across adjacent gutters;
  • of $n <spread> for available grid columns and spread of the container (span counts like of 6 are only valid in the context of symmetrical grids);
  • and set-gutters $n to override global gutter settings

$context-only: false (bool)

Allow the parser to ignore span and span-spread values, only parsing context and container-spread. This makes it possible to accept spanless values, like the gutters() syntax. When parsing context-only, the of indicator is optional.

@return (map)

Map of span and grid settings parsed from shorthand input – including all the properties available globally – columns, gutters, spread, container-spread – along with the span-specific properties span, and location.


when a shorthand value is not recognized



@function su-valid-columns()

@function _susy-error() [private]

Used By

@function susy-compile()