Susy 3.0.8

@function susy-version()

Returns the current version of Susy as a string in the common major.minor.patch format – or returns one part (major | minor | patch) as a number for version comparisons. Since version numbers aren’t actual decimals, there is no simple way to return the full version as a comparable number in Sass.


$part: null ('major' | 'minor' | 'patch')

The part (major | minor | patch) to return as a number. Any other value will return the full version as a string.


scss Current Susy Version
/* Full Version: #{susy-version()} */
/* Major Release: #{susy-version('major')} */
css compiled
/* Full Version: 3.0.7 */
/* Major Release: 3 */


$_susy-version [private]