Blend 0.2.3

Contributing to Blend

Ideas, issues, and pull-requests are welcome!

  • Github Issues are the best place to request a feature, file a bug, or just ask a question. Also a great place to discuss possible features before you submit a PR.
  • Pull Requests are a big help, if you’re willing to jump in and make things happen. For a bugfix, or documentation, just jump right in. For major changes or new features, it’s best to discuss in an issue first.


Clone the repo, and then use yarn to install development dependencies like Dart Sass, True, SassDoc, and Herman:


The primary codebase is in the sass/ folder, with matching tests in the test/ directory. Any major code changes should also update the tests/docs.

  • yarn test will run the tests
  • yarn docs will build the documentation site
  • yarn sass will re-compile the code in demo/ (mainly for experiments as you work)
  • yarn commit to run all three


Please follow the Sass Community Guidelines and OddBird Code of Conduct.