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Hi, I’m Miriam —

I co-founded OddBird with my brothers in 2008 to help you create scalable, accessible, and performant web applications with a human-centered design.

From custom builds to consulting and refactors: we’ll provide an established team of experts to fit your needs. Our well-tested and documented code will keep maintenance costs low, for significant long-term savings. We think you’ll be happy with the results.

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Miriam Suzanne

Experience Dedicated Service for Large-Scale Projects

While we’ve become industry leaders – experts and core developers of languages like Sass/CSS and Django/Python that large companies rely on – we intentionally keep our team small. Our size allows us to move fast and integrate with your team for an agile and collaborative process.

Let’s create a beautiful web app that reflects your unique vision.

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Working with OddBird was the best outsourcing experience I’ve ever had. It didn’t feel like outsourcing at all. OddBird became an extension of our team bringing UX, frontend, and backend brilliance to take MetaDeploy from an idea into a production application.

—Jason Lantz, Sr. Director of Release Engineering at Salesforce.org

Other developers build exactly what you say, or they don’t understand, and develop the wrong thing. OddBird always thinks about the project goals. I defer to the team expertise now, which makes a better result.

—Rohit Puranik, Founder at Lab06

Featured Clients

Wellness & Medical

Responsive platform for health coaches, used by the US Coast Guard and National Institutes of Health.

Enterprise Technology

Distributed software testing & reporting for quality assurance across platforms, versions, and languages.

Pro Sports & Fitness

Real-time race analytics used by spectators & coaches at IronMan & Enduro events around the world.

OddBird is high-caliber and nimble. Innovative at heart. Together, we fundamentally transformed the Chicago public school system.

—Furman Brown, Founder at Sensible Innovation

Since OddBird thinks about handoff from the beginning, maintenance has been super easy. For example, 100% unit test coverage was a given. I never had to ask for it.

—Sara Taillon, CTO at ORCAS
Jump Start Sass: a beginners guide from SitePoint, written by Miriam Suzanne & Hugo Giraudel

Performant Python, JavaScript, & CSS

We write the books, contribute to the languages, and build the tools that other developers rely on. Let’s create a custom digital experience that delights your customers.

Language & Platform Expertise:

  • Python/Django
  • Sass/CSS
  • Vue & React
  • Backbone/Marionette
  • Node
  • WordPress & Other CMS solutions

We don’t just follow best-practice, we help define it.

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Developer Tools We Build

CSS language specifications

Miriam is a W3C Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group, helping define the future of web styles.

CSS with Superpowers

Miriam is a member of the core team, for the industry-standard CSS extension language.

Python Web Framework

Carl is a core developer and board-member for the popular web framework, and a contributor to the Python language.

CSS Layout Framework

Popular CSS layout framework – used by Virgin America, The Smithsonian, Esquire UK, and more.

Automated Style Guides

Fully-integrated style documentation for automated pattern libraries and style guides on a budget.

Unit-Testing for Sass Developers

True is the only comprehensive Sass testing framework, allowing developers to write and run tests directly in SassScript.

We’re here for you

Ask us anything. We want to answer your questions, and get to know you – your needs, goals, and expertise – so we can provide thoughtful advice, and help guide you to a successful launch of your web project.

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