Cascading Colors 0.1.0-beta.16


0.1.0-beta.16 - 2022/12/14

  • 🏠 INTERNAL: Remove documentation from npm package
  • 🏠 INTERNAL: Upgrade dependencies

0.1.0-beta.15 - 2020/10/20

  • INTERNAL: Update dependencies & fix demo site

0.1.0-beta.14 - 2020/7/2

  • INTERNAL: Update homepage & documentation links

0.1.0-beta.13 - 2020/6/30

  • NEW: All form inputs & buttons are now optional
  • NEW: Support radio-inputs for light/dark/auto modes:
    • [data-ccs-input="light-mode"]
    • [data-ccs-input="dark-mode"]
    • [data-ccs-input="auto-mode"]
  • NEW: Optionally unset theme-related user values when changing themes:
    • Add unset-values to theme input: [data-ccs-input="theme unset-values"]
  • INTERNAL: Upgrade dev dependencies

0.1.0-beta.12 - 2020/6/23

  • INTERNAL: Upgrade dev dependencies
  • INTERNAL: Split modes and palette into their own tools module that can be imported as plain Sass without any CSS output
  • DOCS: Added documentation to repo

0.1.0-beta.11 - 2019/12/31

This release adds support for arbitrary color names, allowing you to define more complex and customized cascading themes.

  • BREAKING: Replaced individual $*-hue settings with a combined $hues map of (string) color name keys with (number | null) hue values. This allows the tool to generate any number of colors. The default ('prime', 'accent', 'neutral') shorthand creates identical default settings to previous releases. Acceptable shorthands:
    • a single number | null value will be assigned a key: prime
    • a string | list (of strings) will generate keys with null values
  • BREAKING: Added a $colors list argument (first) in both the colors() and gradient() mixins – set to the list of $hues map-keys by default
  • BREAKING: Since accent colors are no longer hard-coded, the built-in themes have replaced --ccs-accent--theme settings with more generic --ccs-theme--1 and --ccs-theme--2 – which can be assigned to other color names as needed.
  • NEW: Any color with neutral in the name will use the neutral saturation, rather than the default saturation

0.1.0-beta.10 - 2019/12/5

  • BUGFIX: Source & cascade order was causing HTML modes to fail
  • BREAKING: Rename --ccs-mode--invert to --ccs-invert, and --ccs-mode--invert-zero to --ccs-invert--zero
  • BREAKING: Remove prefers-color-scheme media-query from fallback colors, since more browsers support variables than color-scheme queries
  • DOCS: Added documentation of fallback and mode settings

0.1.0-beta.9 - 2019/11/29

  • NEW: --ccs-mode--zero and --ccs-invert--zero provide mode values of 0 (dark) or 1 (light), rather than -1 (dark) and 1 (light)
  • NEW: if-mode($light, $dark) function returns a CSS calc() toggle between two values, depending on the current (light/dark) mode

0.1.0-beta.8 - 2019/11/29

  • BREAKING: Set defaults on background-color rather than background shorthand
  • BREAKING: --ccs-custom-display and --ccs-field-display variables for more customized control of CCS menu field display
  • BREAKING: Set background-color and color on all [data-ccs-colors], with both fallback values and variables defaulting to --ccs-neutral--(fg/bg)-full
  • BREAKING: Re-order the output from general to specific
  • NEW: --ccs-background and --ccs-color override the default [data-ccs-colors] background and text
  • NEW: $neutral-hue and --ccs-neutral--config for setting neutral hues
  • NEW: $neutral-saturation and --ccs-s-neutral--config override contrast-based saturation on neutral palette
  • MOVE: LICENSE => (and fix in package.json)

0.1.0-beta.7 - 2019/10/9

  • BREAKING: rename [data-ccs="*-select"] attributes with nested form inputs to [data-ccs-field="*"] and nested [data-ccs-input="*"]
  • BREAKING: rename [data-ccs="unset"] to [data-ccs-input="unset"]
  • BREAKING: rename [data-ccs="invert"] to [data-ccs-input="mode"]
  • Use Hippocratic License
  • Add root-level _index.scss for simpler Sass imports

0.1.0-beta.6 - 2019/10/6

  • More organized Sass files
  • FIX: missing files in beta 5…

0.1.0-beta.4 - 2019/9/30

  • BREAKING: Replace html selectors with data-ccs='root'
  • BREAKING: Changed the names of all --ccs-<l | s>--contrast variables, to create fg and bg versions:
    • --ccs-s--fg-contrast
    • --ccs-s--bg-contrast
    • --ccs-l--fg-contrast
    • --ccs-l--bg-contrast
  • Core colors and full-contrast colors are generated by default, without any call to the colors() mixin
  • Expose both ES module index.js and UMD module dist.js
  • More detail in readme…

0.1.0-beta.3 - 2019/9/22

  • Add neutrals
  • Remove extra combined-value properties

0.1.0-beta.2 - 2019/9/21

  • Turn it into a node module?

0.1.0-beta.1 - 2019/9/21

… 'Cause I want to start using it before things are ready