Cascading Colors 0.1.0-beta.16


Run yarn to install dependencies…


  • css/: GENERATED CSS for use without a build step
  • docs/: GENERATED SassDoc/Herman documentation
  • sass/: the tool itself
    • config/: all the use-defined variables
    • partials/: all the logic and output
    • _ccs.scss: forwards the combined Sass module
    • _output.scss: generates the default CSS output
  • demo/: demo site (also used for testing)
  • _index.scss: root-level index file for importing the module


The following scripts can help you work:

  • yarn build-sass: compiles the output file to css/ccs.css
  • yarn build-docs: compiles SassDoc/Herman documentation
  • yarn build-js: compiles dist.js for packaging
  • yarn build-demo: compiles the demo site styles
  • yarn build or yarn commit: all the build steps at once
  • yarn watch: a watcher for the site styles


  1. Create a new branch for each feature/bug being addressed
  2. Make any changes required
  3. Update inline documentation as you go
  4. Document changes in
  5. Run yarn commit
  6. Commit your changes
  7. Create a Pull Request on GitHub


  1. Update package.json
  2. Run yarn commit to update generated docs
  3. Commit and push changes
  4. Create release through GitHub UI
  5. Pull changes, and npm publish