True 4.0.0

True Changelog

4.0.0 (04/09/18)

  • BREAKING: Move node-sass to peerDependencies
  • Update dependencies
  • Add JS coverage reporting

3.1.0 (03/06/18)

  • NEW: Add contains() mixin for more minute output comparisons. Works the same as expect(), but doesn’t require a complete match.
  • Update docs

3.0.2 (10/6/17)

  • Dependency updates

3.0.1 (9/13/17)

  • Update docs

3.0.0 (8/26/17)

  • Update dependencies & release

3.0.0-beta.1 (6/1/17)

  • Added describe and it mixins, as alias for test-module and test respectively.
  • Added $inspect argument to assert-equal and assert-unequal mixins, for comparing inspect($assert) == inspect($expected) instead of $assert == $expected. This helps with several of the equality edge-cases listed below (rounding and units).
  • BREAKING: No more Ruby gem or Ruby CLI
  • BREAKING: No more bower package
  • BREAKING: Removes special-handling of equality, in favor of allowing Sass to determine the best comparisons. There are a few edge-cases to be aware of:
    • In some versions of Sass, manipulated numbers and colors are compared without rounding, so 1/3 != 0.333333 and lighten(#246, 15%) != #356a9f. Use the $inspect argument to compare rounded output values.
    • In all versions of Sass, unitless numbers are considered comparable to all units, so 1 == 1x where x represents any unit. Use the $inspect argument to compare output values with units.
    • Lists compare both values and delimiter, so (one two three) != (one, two, three). This can be particularly confusing for single-item lists, which still have a delimiter assigned, even though it is not used.

2.2.2 (4/11/17)

  • assert-true returns false on empty strings and lists
  • assert-false returns true on empty strings and lists
  • Module/Test/Assertion stats are included in reports

2.2.1 (2/7/17)

  • Output CSS context around Mocha parsing errors.
  • Added $fail-on-error argument to report() mixin. Set to true if you need the Sass compiler to fail on broken tests.
  • Fix bug with assert-false causing it to fail on null values.
  • Allow unquoted descriptions and test/module names.
  • Fix bug throwing off test-count and reporting.

2.1.4 (12/22/16)

  • Fix default assertion messages
  • Upgrade dependencies

2.0.2 (5/13/15)

  • Fixes debug inspector.

2.0.1 (5/9/15)

  • Improve internal logic, and namespace private functions behind _true-*.
  • Add assert(), input, and expect mixins for testing CSS output.
  • Support for LibSass.
  • Add Mocha JS integration. — Create NPM package.
  • Simplify output options down to single $true-terminal-output setting.
  • Add eyeglass support.

1.0.1 (10/18/14)

  • LibSass 3.0 compatability.

1.0.0 (10/3/14)

  • Add command-line interface: true-cli <path-to-file>
  • Use -s flag for silent output
  • Check for unit differences between numbers.
  • Add assertion-failure details to css output.

0.2.0 (7/15/14)

  • Simplified reporting in both terminal and CSS.
  • Remove default-module-output, $default-test-output and $default-final-output. Replace them with $true settings map: (output: css, summary: terminal css). output handles test/module output, summary handles final output. Assertions are always output to the terminal if they fail.
  • Update to use Sass map variables.
  • Add report function and report mixin, for reporting final results.
  • Only register as a compass extension if compass is present. Compass is no longer an explicit dependency.
  • Adjust the output styles to work with Sass 3.4 and have more visual consistency.

0.1.5 (6/10/13)

  • Append actual results to custom failure messages.

0.1.4 (6/9/13)

  • Null result is considered a failure.
  • Allow output to be turned off for certain modules/tests/assertions.

0.1.3 (6/7/13)

  • Nest assertions within test() {} named tests.
  • Cleaner css output.

0.1.2 (6/7/13)

  • Use nesting for modules with test-module() {}
  • Added failure message argument to all assertions.

0.1.1 (6/6/13)

  • Fix bug in lib/true.rb compass plugin registration.

0.1.0 (6/6/13)

  • assert-true(), assert-false(), assert-equal(), and assert-unequal().
  • pass() and fail() for tracking and reporting individual results.
  • start-test-module() and report-test-results() for module results.
  • Includes tests of the testing tools!