OddSite 4.0.0

Preset Color Themes

We define several custom color themes to choose from.

Built-In Themes

[data-ccs-theme] {
  --ccs-accent--theme: #{ccs.if-mode(
      $light: var(--ccs-theme--1),
      $dark: var(--ccs-theme--2)
  --ccs-special--theme: #{ccs.if-mode(
      $light: var(--ccs-theme--2),
      $dark: var(--ccs-theme--1)

The built-in themes generate two colors, which we apply to our accent and special color-names, and toggle depending on light/dark mode.

Default Theme

[data-ccs-theme='oddbird'] {
  --ccs-h--prime: var(--ccs-prime--config);
  --ccs-h--accent: var(--ccs-accent--config);
  --ccs-h--special: var(--ccs-special--config);
  --ccs-custom-hue: none;

The OddBird theme is based on default settings, but removes user hue settings.

Monochrome Theme

[data-ccs-theme='monochrome'] {
  --ccs-accent--theme: var(--ccs-h--prime);
  --ccs-special--theme: var(--ccs-h--prime);

Provide a monochrome theme option, with one color for both accent and special.