OddSite 4.0.0

Getting Started

This site includes documentation of the tools, components, and styles used on OddSite. There are also sample pages available for viewing aspects of the site in context – including typography, colors, responsive images, and more.

Writing Content

When creating content, it is important to stay consistent. Here are some guidelines to help:


  • Always capitalize the “O”, “B”, and “S” in OddBird and OddSite.


  • Use the Oxford comma: “writing, design, and development” Note the final comma before and.


  • En Dash Used to show ranges of things (e.g. “January–March”)
  • Em Dash Instead of using em-dashes for asides (as suggested by the The Chicago Manual of Style), using <space><en-dash><space> makes the block of text more readable (e.g. “this thing – and also that thing – etc”). Read more here.
  • Citations still need 2-3 dashes (-) to trigger the attribution class.


  • Use Title Case: Capitalize the first letter of every word except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.
  • Do not use punctuation at the end of your title unless it contains more than one sentence, is a question, or would benefit from an interrobang (highly encouraged)‽


  • In general, blog posts should include the tag Article
  • Reference the tag list to avoid variations of a tag.
  • Tags are Title Case: User Experience
  • Tags with multiple words should have spaces instead of dashes unless the phrase is hyphenated (e.g. Server-Side Rendering).
  • We have 7 Resource Types which use the same tag structure but we have promoted on the Resources by Tag (high placement and icon in heading) and Resources by Date (icon displayed) pages. These include:
    • Article
    • Case Study
    • Link
    • Podcast
    • Talk
    • Workshop
    • Video