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Event: Live Q&A with OddBird

Are you a startup founder looking to develop a new web app, or a company interested in expanding your web services? Here’s your chance to ask all those questions that keep you up at night.

OddBird is holding an open question and answer session on a free slack channel to talk with you about developing a web app from start to finish – the decisions you need to make about team and technology and testing, budget and development costs, and how to build a user-base without relying on “viral” mysticism.

It’s your hour. What do you want to know, from web-product experts in the field?

As core developers on Django, Susy, & Plone – we’re experts in tool-building.

We lead many teams, both tiny startups and huge enterprise companies, through the web app development process – from branding and naming, to content strategy and information architecture, to project estimation and MVP development. Recently, one of our clients’ companies was acquired! Feel free to check out the CoachHub web app and many other samples of our work.

  1. If you don’t have the budget to develop a full MVP or even a prototype of your web application, one option is to start with a hi-fidelity mockup. Mockups look great in a professional pitch and take a fraction of the time and money to create.

  2. Consider hiring a user experience designer to create an interactive mockup in Adobe XD or InVision, and without paying for a single line of code you can rapidly test your ideas with users, updating the features to fit their needs.

  1. The OddFriends Slack channel is no longer available. ↩︎

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