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We provide award-winning talks & workshops for companies or conferences, to help you create resilient web applications and design systems – improving team process, communication, site performance, and accessibility. Dive into the posts below for the latest videos & slides, and upcoming conference or workshop dates.

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I have so many questions
for this damn box.

Cascading Layouts

A workshop on resilient CSS layouts, June 24-26, 2024

CSS layout techniques have come a long way since the early days of responsive design, but many websites are still using decade-old approaches that require more fragile code and more ongoing maintenance. Take your sites to the next level with this 3-session workshop on building more resilient and maintainable web layouts using modern CSS.

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Miriam has always been nothing but spot-on, professional, funny, while also being extremely knowledgeable, smart, polite and always on time.

Ed’s tutorial has been the most popular this year!

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Miriam Suzanne

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