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Salesforce product installer

MetaDeploy helps nonprofit Salesforce admins and developers configure, install, and test packaged products – providing a graphic web interface for tasks and flows previously handled in the command-line. Admins can select from available products like the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or Education Data Architecture (EDA), to install on one of their Salesforce organizations. MetaDeploy helps make packages easy to find, while allowing users to customize their installations, and run preflight checks before committing to a full install.

Working with OddBird was the best outsourcing experience I’ve ever had. It didn’t feel like outsourcing at all. OddBird became an extension of our team bringing UX, frontend, and backend brilliance to take MetaDeploy from an idea into a production application.

—Jason Lantz, Sr. Director of Release Engineering at Salesforce.org

Second Measure

React Design System & Component Library

Second Measure provides a daily view into company performance & consumer behavior data. We were hired to help organize the code and design systems into a reusable and fully documented React component library and integrated design system.

OddBird was quick to learn and pick up new technologies. They delivered high quality code, and delivered on time.

—Matthew King, Engineering Manager at Second Measure

When the inventor of the modern design system names you as the number one person she’d hire to build a design system, well then I jump! I’m grateful she put us in contact.

—Tara Kelly, Director Of Product Design at Second Measure


Ask, Answer, Cite. Make Medicine Better.

MedCurbside was started by practicing physicians who want a more modern way to connect with good literature and the clinical knowledge in the healthcare community. The site helps clinicians exchange questions and answers with other clinicians – connecting visitors with evidence, facilitating quick progression from question to answer, curating the best content through community input, and generally helping clinicians deal with the plethora of information available in healthcare today.

Other developers build exactly what you say, or they don’t understand, and develop the wrong thing. OddBird always thinks about the project goals. I defer to the team expertise now, which makes a better result.

—Rohit Puranik, Founder at Lab06

I liked the way OddBird presented themselves. They were curious and asked detailed questions to really understand what was needed.

—Rohit Puranik, Founder at Lab06


Real-Time Telemetry for Athletes

QuarqNet allows athletes to track and analyze their activities, sharing their location and statistics with friends, family, coaches, and colleagues in real time. QuarqNet also integrates with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, and third-party services like Strava, Training Peaks, Dropbox, and Today’s Plan.

A mobile-friendly design that will let users see the live tracking and performance data, even on the go, making it easy to connect up with others while out on a ride.

QuarqNet captures the data and seamlessly synchronizes activities with analysis sites like Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Today’s Plan. Athletes get unaltered, high-definition data and training log perfection.

Quarq Race Intelligence

Real-Time Race Analytics

Quarq Race Intelligence captures and interprets race performance and state-of-play information, and delivers that data in real time to spectators, commentators, race officials, third-party analysis software and visualization tools. Integrating with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, the app shows racers’ positions, direction, speed, heart-rate, and a number of other statistics in real time. Our mobile-optimized web interface has been used for bicycle races, triathlons, and non-competitive events, including regular IronMan and Enduro races.

Just like the Quarq power meters changed the playing field for power measurement, this new technology is going to change the way people watch races.

Seguimiento GPS de atletas en IronMan Kona gracias a Quarq Race Intelligence.

—Eduardo Mateos, User


Integrated Health Coaching

CoachHub, a responsive coaching web-platform we built with ORCAS, integrates with their suite of self-management tools to provide users with anywhere, anytime access to varying levels of support – video chat, in-app messaging, public Q&A, webinars, and support groups. Users browse coaches, send messages, request appointments, post questions, and grant permissions for coaches to view their progress. Coaches create a profile, manage daily tasks, make appointments, post answers to questions, view user progress, and set alerts for relapse prevention and escalation of care.

The product is currently being used by the US Military and Coast Guard for internal health coaching.

OddBird really changed my thinking about how successful remote development can be. We were able to hire them as a complete team, ready to start adding value immediately, working as closely as an internal team.

—Sara Taillon, CTO at ORCAS

Since OddBird thinks about handoff from the beginning, maintenance has been super easy. For example, 100% unit test coverage was a given. I never had to ask for it.

—Sara Taillon, CTO at ORCAS


Distributed Quality Assurance Tools

Mozilla’s next-generation test case management system, MozTrap manages extensive test suites for all of Mozilla’s software products (including Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox OS, and others), and allows community testers from around the world to run tests on their system and report results back to Mozilla, which MozTrap aggregates into reports for product managers. MozTrap also includes a RESTful JSON API to allow automated tools to run tests and report results.

I consider Mozilla’s MozTrap to be one of the best open source test case management systems out there.

—Frank O’Hara, User

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