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Work Samples

Applications, websites, & design systems

We love what we do, we do great work, and we have a track record of happy clients to show for it.


Working with Miriam and her team is a force multiplier for my engineering team. We ship higher quality APIs much faster than we had before.

CSS Language Development

since – Cascade Layers, Container Queries, Scope, and more

We were sponsored by the Google Chrome UI Fund in our work developing new web platform functionality and tooling for developers. Over the course of the grant, we helped standardized a range of new CSS features now shipping in browsers – like Cascade Layers, Container Queries, and CSS Scope – as well as polyfills for CSS Anchor Positioning and the Popover attribute.

OddBird dropped in like a task force, learned the ropes of programming language design and development, and made substantial improvements to the product. We’d love to work with them again!

Sass Core Language

– Implementing new language features

OddBird worked to add high priority features to the Sass language. We started with detailed specifications for each feature, digging into Node.js and CSS Color specs, considering potential impacts on a wide ecosystem of users.

OddBird rewrote from the ground up to make it easier to work on, update, and deploy. Not only that, they added a new online playground and got Sass running in the browser to power it. They’re a fantastic team that we were lucky to work with.

Sass Playground & Website

– Discover and learn the Sass language

OddBird helped modernize the tech stack powering Sass’s documentation and marketing site. We ported content and functionality to maintain parity, and added some high value new features.

General Stamping & Metalworks

manufacturing quote details

Estimating Engine

– Create & manage custom manufacturing quotes

OddBird helped General Stamping & Metalworks plan, design, and develop Estimating Engine, a responsive web application. Estimating Engine enables estimators at GSM to efficiently create and manage custom quotes to manufacture parts for their customers.

Working with OddBird was the best outsourcing experience I’ve ever had. It didn’t feel like outsourcing at all.


– Collaboration for Salesforce projects

OddBird collaborated with Salesforce to develop a responsive web application designed with Lightning Design System and its React implementation. Metecho makes it easier for people to view, test, and contribute to Salesforce Projects without learning GitHub.

The OddBird team’s support of our engineers… has been exemplary. OddBird is the polar opposite of consultancies that deliver “exact words” solutions. They understand our objectives as well as we do, if not better, and deeply engage to deliver those objectives.


– Salesforce product installer

MetaDeploy helps nonprofit Salesforce admins and developers configure, install, and test packaged products – providing a graphic web interface for tasks and flows previously handled in the command-line. Admins can select from available products like the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or Education Data Architecture (EDA), to install on one of their Salesforce organizations. MetaDeploy helps make packages easy to find, while allowing users to customize their installations, and run preflight checks before committing to a full install.


OddBird is high-caliber and nimble. Innovative at heart. Together, we fundamentally transformed the Chicago public school system.


– Whole-School Design Thinking & Scheduling

TimeDesigner helps school teams rapidly create multiple scheduling scenarios from various perspectives, and plan ahead for future iterations. OddBird helped Tegy plan, design, develop, launch, and maintain their school scheduling web app using CSS Grid and custom property wizardry on the front-end, and well-tested Django/Python on the back-end. Currently, the software is only available to schools in Tegy training programs.

Read TimeDesigner Case Study »
Chicago K-8 School schedule iteration
School scheduling tool built with CSS Grid – moving from a typical schedule to an iteration with expanded planning time for teachers.


Phamaly cast performing Chicago

Phamaly Theatre Website

– Built with WordPress

Phamaly is an award-winning, Colorado-based theatre company that produces professional plays and musicals exclusively featuring actors with disabilities: physical, cognitive, intellectual, and emotional.

Second Measure

OddBird was quick to learn and pick up new technologies. They delivered high quality code, and delivered on time.

Second Measure Component Library

– React design system & component library

Second Measure provides a daily view into company performance & consumer behavior data. We were hired to help organize the code and design systems into a reusable and fully documented React component library and integrated design system.

Adobe Fonts

This was such a fun project to work on with @TypeTasting, @OddBird & my @AdobeFonts colleagues.

Typographic Superpower Game

– A meditation on typography

A meditation on typography, Adobe Fonts’ Game allows players to choose the fonts that they feel apply best to different scenarios. Players’ input helps Adobe Fonts continue to improve on their new browse-by-tags feature. We worked closely with Adobe to create animated & interactive illustrations using GreenSock, NuxtJS, and CSS – while maintaining high performance standards and responsive, accessible design.

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Options for the vintage font tag with Ferris wheel illustrations
Mobile view of the vintage font tag question
Adobe’s font tags game is a meditation in typography with illustrated and animated questions.


We take submissions from our team, and Miriam was a highly desired expert we wanted to learn from! I really appreciated the different topics you presented as options to best talk to our internal audience.

Shopify UX Summer Series

– Asynchronous CSS training with Q&A

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform for building & hosting online stores and retail systems. We provided Shopify UX with custom CSS training videos based on the needs & interests of their team, with a follow-up Q&A.


OddBird is very pleasant to work with and responsive. I’m not an expert in web development, so I really appreciated that.

CFOshare Website

– WordPress & responsive design

OddBird helped CFOshare transition their marketing site to WordPress – implementing the brand, migrating content, optimizing responsive images, and training CFOshare staff in continued maintenance. CFOshare is a “fractional CFO” that serves as an outsourced finance and accounting department for a range of businesses.


The Workflow Builder project met and exceeded expectations. The project was finished in budget and on time, and we were super excited to get the outcome we did.

Workflow Builder

– Tools for data analytics

Aunalytics provides a full suite of data-analytics and management tools. The “workflow builder” is an embedded Vue application allowing data scientists to visually create and navigate through dataflows of various kinds. The interface is an integration between standard HTML and an interactive SVG canvas, built with D3.

We feel grateful for having found our relationship with OddBird and excited to continue with future projects.

Expression Builder

– Tools for data analytics

Aunalytics provides a full suite of data-analytics and management tools, including the Aunsight Dataflow service. The “expression builder” is an embedded Vue application allowing users to create and update dataflows using a visual UI that describes data transformation without having to write code. Advanced users can also edit flows directly in JSON, or move seamlessly between the two modes.


Are you following @TerribleMia yet? She’s amazing. I’m so lucky to get to work with her on this video series & more.

Mozilla Developer Channel

– Videos, articles, & tools for web professionals

We worked with Mozilla Developer Relations to research & address developer needs around open web standards, CSS features, accessibility, Firefox, and developer tools. Over the course of six months, we released 30 videos to nearly twenty thousand subscribers.

I consider Mozilla’s MozTrap to be one of the best open source test case management systems out there.


– Distributed quality assurance tools

Mozilla’s next-generation test case management system, MozTrap manages extensive test suites for all of Mozilla’s software products (including Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox OS, and others), and allows community testers from around the world to run tests on their system and report results back to Mozilla, which MozTrap aggregates into reports for product managers. MozTrap also includes a RESTful JSON API to allow automated tools to run tests and report results.

Carleton College

The first meeting I had with Miriam helped me decide. She was excited about the project but also realistic about potential issues with the codebase.

Emmy’s Workshop

– Individualized algebra tutor

Emmy’s Workshop is part of a research project to improve computer-based educational systems. Learners can work through an entire problem before receiving feedback. Mathematical algorithms analyze how the problem was solved, and estimate how well the learner understands a variety of mathematical skills. Students and faculty built the application using Google Web Toolkit – then brought us on to help design & implement a responsive interface.


Other developers build exactly what you say, or they don’t understand, and develop the wrong thing. OddBird always thinks about the project goals. I defer to the team expertise now, which makes a better result.


– Knowledge-sharing for clinical physicians

MedCurbside was started by practicing physicians who want a more modern way to connect with good literature and the clinical knowledge in the healthcare community. The site helps clinicians exchange questions and answers with other clinicians – connecting visitors with evidence, facilitating quick progression from question to answer, curating the best content through community input, and generally helping clinicians deal with the plethora of information available in healthcare today.


A mobile-friendly design that will let users see the live tracking and performance data, even on the go, making it easy to connect up with others while out on a ride.


– Real-time telemetry & sharing for athletes

A custom application we designed and built in collaboration with Quarq’s internal developers – including a responsive interface, real-time mapping & telemetry, social networking, and third-party integrations with Strava, Training Peaks, Dropbox, and Today’s Plan.

Read QuarqNet Case Study »
Full-screen map of a bike ride path, along with ride metrics
Mobile view of a bike ride path, along with ride metrics
We worked closely with the Quarq team and active users – iterating on the design and functionality to give athletes, friends, family, coaches, and colleagues easy access to location and statistics in real time.

Just like the Quarq power meters changed the playing field for power measurement, this new technology is going to change the way people watch races.

Quarq Race Intelligence

– Real-time race analytics

Quarq Race Intelligence captures and interprets race performance and state-of-play information, and delivers that data in real time to spectators, commentators, race officials, third-party analysis software and visualization tools. Integrating with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, the app shows racers’ positions, direction, speed, heart-rate, and a number of other statistics in real time. Our mobile-optimized web interface has been used for bicycle races, triathlons, and non-competitive events, including regular IronMan and Enduro races.


OddBird really changed my thinking about how successful remote development can be. We were able to hire them as a complete team, ready to start adding value immediately, working as closely as an internal team.

CoachHub Application

– Responsive platform for integrated health coaching

A custom application we designed and developed with the ORCAS team – integrating their suite of self-management tools. We built in support for video chat, in-app messaging, public Q&A, webinars, file sharing, health assessments, and more. The app has been used internally by the US Coast Guard, US Military, and National Institutes of Health.

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Home screen of CoachHub app, with coaches listed on the side
Mobile home screen of CoachHub app, guidance on the go
CoachHub is a HIPAA-compliant health coaching platform that provides users with anywhere, anytime access to varying levels of support.