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OddBird’s Services

Let’s solve real problems for your business and users – pairing your industry-expertise with our product-design experience.

wireframe sketch and final design in mobile phone

Web Design & Development

We integrate design and development in an agile process, so you only need to hire one team – completely focused on achieving your goals with smooth and efficient progress from concept to launch and beyond. Starting from user needs, we collaborate with you to deliver usable features quickly and…

Sketched design concept

Research & Concepting

Most projects start with Research & Concepting to make sure we thoroughly understand your project. We’ll help you pinpoint the right digital product – with interactive wireframes, prioritized estimates, and a robust plan for development and launch. Using an object-oriented user experience strategy (OOUX) – popularized by Sophia Prater …

font sizes and previews for

Integrated Design Systems

We partner with clients to build design systems that improve team communication, speed up development, and lay the foundation for a scalable codebase. An integrated design system can help your team maintain consistent designs across digital products over the long-term – finding bugs faster, and weaving system updates into the…