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Color contrast checker with Oklch, Oklab, P3, and more

OddContrast is a color format converter, featuring newer color formats like Oklch, Oklab, and the Display P3 color space. It’s also a color contrast checker to help designers meet WCAG 2 accessibility standards.

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In additional to Oklch, Oklab, and P3, OddContrast also includes hex, HSL, Lab, LCH, and sRGB. Enter a color from the available color formats and convert it to any other supported format. OddContrast provides an alert if the color you entered is out of gamut for a given color space. Adjust the sliders until your desired color is back in gamut.

Oklab purple color showing a message next to sRGB Formats that says
    Selected color is outside the sRGB gamut
    with a link to more detailed information

OddContrast checks the contrast ratio between two colors and displays pass or fail information based on the WCAG 2 accessibility standards for AA and AAA in normal and large font sizes. If you need a reminder of the contrast ratio requirements or what font size qualifies as large, OddContrast provides helpful tips and a link to learn more.

showing a purple background color and a peach foreground color
    with a 3.95:1 contrast ratio failing for AA Normal, AAA Normal,
    and AAA Large font sizes, but passing for AA Large font size

OddContrast is still in development. Let us know if you have a favorite feature you’d like to see in OddContrast. To receive updates when new features arrive, sign up for OddNews.

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