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wireframe sketch and final design in mobile phone

Web Design & Development

Custom web applications & refactors

We integrate design and development in an agile process, so you only need to hire one team – completely focused on achieving your goals with smooth and efficient progress from concept to launch and beyond. Starting from user needs, we collaborate with you to deliver usable features quickly and efficiently.

We provide expertise across a range of technologies, including Python/Django, accessible HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript with React & Vue, Node, and more.

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The first meeting I had with Miriam helped me decide. She was excited about the project but also realistic about potential issues with the codebase.

I liked the way OddBird presented themselves. They were curious and asked detailed questions to really understand what was needed.


trig race screen


  • User Experience (UX) - OOUX Certified
  • User Interface (UI) & Interaction
  • Logos & Branding
  • Integrated Design Systems
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture


  • Full-stack Frontend & Backend
  • 100% Test Coverage
  • Full Documentation
  • Automated Pattern Libraries
  • WCAG Accessibility
  • Refactors & Performance

We provide the full range of design & branding services – from user research & strategy to brand and logo design, user experience & interface design, integrated design systems, and consulting around marketing & SEO. Our process is hands-on and iterative, working with you at every step to create and maintain designs that express the values of your company.

Deliverables include:

Always on the cutting edge, we offer full-stack frontend and backend development. We focus on responsive application development and refactors for the web including 100% test coverage and full documentation with a focus on performance and architecture.

Deliverables include:

I really enjoy this iterative design process. Seeing how OddBird does the iteration has improved my own iterative system with schools.

Since OddBird thinks about handoff from the beginning, maintenance has been super easy. For example, 100% unit test coverage was a given. I never had to ask for it.


medcurbside welcome screen

Languages & Tools

  • Python with Django (core contributor)
  • HTML/CSS with Sass (core contributor)
  • JavaScript with Vue, React, or Svelte
  • Node
  • WordPress

Client Industries

  • Educators
  • HIPAA-compliant wellness providers
  • Non-profits
  • Community organizations
  • Professional gear manufacturers
  • Startups & enterprise companies
  • Urban planners
  • Data analysts
  • Software companies
  • Theaters, writers, & other artists

Lean & Agile

We use a lean and agile process to deploy & integrate new functionality frequently, aiming to deliver usable product launches as early and often as possible.

Transparent & Interactive

We encourage clients to stay closely connected with the daily progress, offering frequent feedback and re-prioritization via Trello or other Project Management tools.

Accessible & Responsive

We use the accessible open web stack: semantic HTML5, unobtrusive JavaScript, and advanced CSS – backed by Python & Django on the server.

  • Accessible
    The world is diverse, and no person is an edge case.
  • Approachable
    Your friend in digital design, development, and performance.
  • Human
    Great software requires a personal touch.
  • Nimble
    Our tightly-integrated team can adapt quickly to your needs.
  • Queer
    Moving past assumptions of “normal” to explore new possibilities.
  • Robust
    100% test coverage and documentation keep maintenance costs low.
  • Thoughtful
    We don’t have all the answers, but we know how to get there.
  • Top-shelf
    From CSS/Sass & Django to Susy & Herman, we build the tools that millions of developers rely on.
  • Transparent
    Daily communication keeps you in control of budget & priorities from start to finish.