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    Design Engineering Handbook

    Thoughts on the design & development process

    Learn how design engineering brings together form and function in this new Design Better book written by Natalya Shelburne, Adekunle Oduye, Kim Williams, and Eddie Lou – including interviews with Miriam and others.

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    How to Write Beautiful Sass

    Excerpt from Jump Start Sass, chapter 11

    Clean, beautiful code should be a goal in every project. If other developers need to make a change, they should be able to read what is there and understand it. Readable code is the core of maintainability. This excerpt from Miriam’s book, Jump Start Sass will help get you started…

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    Jump Start Sass, by Miriam Suzanne and Kitty Giraudel
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    Jump Start Sass

    Get up to speed with Sass in a weekend…

    Using Sass, you can write your stylesheets in a more concise, dynamic, and readable way, and cut down many of the repetitive tasks that come with writing vanilla CSS. This book provides a thorough introduction to Sass for the beginner.

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    Sass Architecture

    Excerpt from Jump Start Sass, chapter 11

    I’m excited to release Jump Start Sass, a book I co-authored with Kitty Giraudel. Digital copies are available from SitePoint, with print editions sold by O’Reilly. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 11, Sass Architecture.

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