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2024 Posts

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    Mia from behind,
standing at a laptop -
speaking to a conference audience
and gesturing to one side
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    Cascading Style Systems

    A workshop on resilient & maintainable CSS

    • – Online

      Smashing Workshops

      Tickets on sale now!


  1. 12 Days of Web
    Link post type

    CSS @scope

    Keep selector conflicts to a minimum

    The new @scope rule is here! It’s a better way to keep our component styles contained – without relying on third-party tools or extreme naming conventions.

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  2. Shop Talk Show Podcast
    Podcast post type

    Cascade Layers, CSS Functions, and More

    I drop by the show to talk about CSS updates and news on container queries, rolling out cascade layers, !important things to remember, custom properties, exit animations, CSS functions, state queries, and more.

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  3. Online Together Fall Summit 2021, October 11-13
    Talk post type

    Styling the Intrinsic Web

    With Cascade Layers & Container Queries

    • – Victoria, BC

      Camosun College

    • – San Francisco, CA

      SmashingConf SF

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  1. Grainy art-deco illustration of a rocket launch
    Podcast post type

    Styling the intrinsic web

    A web development podcast from LogRocket

    I talk with Noel Minchow about how to style the intrinsic web, what that means, and how it’s compatible with responsive design.

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  2. Video post type

    Making Sense of CSS Layers and Scope

    CSS is evolving rapidly and new features come online all the time. Join Morten & Miriam to talk about what CSS layers and scope are all about and how they will change how we work with and think about the cascade in the future.

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  1. Miriam Suzanne speaking at a conference
    Podcast post type

    What’s Happening in CSS & Sass

    A podcast focusing on front end development but also covering a wide range of web development and design topics. We talked about CSS, Sass, and work being done in the W3C CSS Working Group.

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  2. Talk post type

    Container Queries & The Future of CSS

    Modernizing the cascade for responsive design systems

    • – Online

      Smashing Meets CSSummer

    • – Online

      CSS Café

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  4. Word Wrap Show
    Podcast post type

    CSSWG, Container Queries, Scope, and Layers

    I talk with Claire and Steph about my journey into webdev and onto the CSSWG, what I find frustrating about how others use CSS, and the three specs I’m working on.

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  5. Smashing Podcast #36, Miriam Suzanne, What is the future of CSS?
    Podcast post type

    What Is The Future Of CSS?

    Starting a new season of the Smashing Podcast with a look at the future of CSS. What new specs will be landing in browsers soon? Drew McLellan talks to Miriam to find out.

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    CSS Containment Module, Level 3 specification -
screenshot with W3C logo

    CSS Language Development

    Cascade Layers, Container Queries, Scope, and more

    We were sponsored by the Google Chrome UI Fund in our work developing new web platform functionality and tooling for developers. Over the course of the grant, we helped standardized a range of new CSS features now shipping in browsers – like Cascade Layers, Container Queries, and CSS Scope – as well as polyfills for CSS Anchor Positioning and the Popover attribute.