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OddBird helped modernize the tech stack powering Sass’s documentation and marketing site. We ported content and functionality to maintain parity, and added some high value new features.

What We Did

Sass’s documentation and marketing site was in need of a technology refresh. OddBird helped port over a decade’s worth of blog posts, and a feature-rich set of documentation.

One key client goal was to simplify the deployment process. OddBird worked to integrate CI/CD best practices, while incorporating content from a variety of sources.

OddBird also made updates to Sass to enable it to run in the browser. This made possible a long-standing user request to have a Sass playground, which can be used to quickly learn and prototype Sass, or to report bugs in Sass.

a Sass editor showing code input, compilation and error reporting


  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Languages & Tools

  • Figma
  • JavaScript with TypeScript
  • HTML with Eleventy
  • CSS & Sass

OddBird rewrote from the ground up to make it easier to work on, update, and deploy. Not only that, they added a new online playground and got Sass running in the browser to power it. They’re a fantastic team that we were lucky to work with.