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People gathered around a table with multiple computers, cellphones, and
notebooks on top.

Effective End-to-End Testing for Django

A hands-on workshop using pytest and Playwright

This tutorial provides hands-on experience with end-to-end testing for Django using pytest and Playwright. Participants acquire solid strategies to test common patterns in Django applications and the experience of writing a complete test suite for a non-trivial application.

A comprehensive test suite gives you the confidence to fix bugs, refactor, and add new features to your application without fear of unknowingly breaking unrelated parts of the codebase. End-to-end tests are a useful and important member of your testing toolbox, and tools like pytest and Playwright provide a robust implementation for Python developers.

The tutorial runs for 180 minutes and is completely hands-on. It covers the following topics with practical exercises that each participant completes on their own computer:

I liked that it was hands-on, started with basics, and had failing tests as part of the tutorial. Seeing progression from failure to passing is really helpful for understanding what is happening in the code.

Though I am not new to testing, these techniques are new and super helpful. I’m hoping to bring this all to my team.

I liked how interactive it was. The whole tutorial was easy enough to follow, but explained some advanced concepts along the way. Being able to write, update, and run tests multiple times during the workshop was very helpful.

Upcoming Workshop

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standing at a laptop -
speaking to a conference audience
and gesturing to one side

Cascading Style Systems

A workshop on resilient & maintainable CSS

New CSS features are shipping at an unprecedented rate – cascade layers, container queries, the :has() selector, subgrid, nesting, and so much more. It’s a good time to step back and understand how these tools fit together in a declarative system – a resilient cascade of styles.

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