Accoutrement 4.0.4

Contributing to Accoutrement

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome, but code is even better! In all cases, we ask you to follow the Sass community guidelines.


You are welcome to ask support questions and file bug reports via Github Issues. In either case, please provide:

  • A minimum code sample that demonstrates the issue, and steps to reproduce
  • Expected behavior and actual results
  • How you’ve attempted to solve the problem


Set up your environment with the appropriate development dependencies:


As you work…

  • Add or update any appropriate unit tests – using True – in the test directory, and make sure all tests are passing with yarn test
  • Add your changes to the changelog
  • Update or add inline documentation using SassDoc as appropriate (compile to view the docs as-needed with yarn docs)


Linting and testing should be done before every commit:

yarn commit

They can also be triggered individually:

yarn lint
yarn test

Once you’ve fixed any final errors or typos, commit your changes, and submit a pull request!

Pull Requests

We use the main branch for production-ready code, and side-branches for everything in-progress or up-for-debate.

When submitting a patch via pull request:

  • Write a clear, descriptive commit message
  • Keep it simple: one bug fix or feature per pull request