Accoutrement 4.0.4

$handle-missing-keys (string | null)

$handle-missing-keys: null !default;

A configuration option to optionally trigger warnings or errors when a token is not found:

  • null [default]: Will silently return null (mimicking the built-in Sass map.get() function)
  • warn: Will also throw a warning
  • error: Will throw an error, and stop compilation

Since 4.0.0:

  • BREAKING: Removed the silent option, to match built-in Sass map access behavior. Defaults to null.

Since 2.2.0:

  • NEW: Provides authors with more Sass-like behavior, and more options for managing or testing when a key lookup fails


  • James Camilleri

Used By

@function has-token()

@function next-alias() [private]

@function lookup-alias() [private]