Accoutrement 4.0.4

Converting Units

@function convert-units()

Convert lengths between comparable units. You can also convert to browser-ems, relative to the browser default rather than the site root – useful for media queries. Aliased as convert-units, convert, units, and to in all Accoutrement maps.

Since 1.0.0:

  • NEW: Aliased as to in Accoutrement-maps

Parameters & Return

$length: (length | string)

The length or named size to be converted.

$to-unit: (string)

The desired units to convert to. Some units (ch, vw, vh, vmin, vmax) cannot be converted.

$from-context: false (length | string)

When converting from relative units, the absolute length (in px) to which $length refers - e.g. for $lengths in em units, would normally be the font-size of the current element. false and null will resolve to your ‘root’ setting or 16px

$to-context: $from-context (length | string)

For converting to relative units, the absolute length in px to which the output value will refer. Defaults to the same as $from-context, since it is rarely needed.


Context parameters must resolve to a value in pixel units


@function size()

@function get-number() [private]

@function get() [private]

@function get-px() [private]

@function error() [private]

$sizes (map)

$accoutrement-browser-default-font-size [private]