Accoutrement 2.2.0

QuickStart: Layout

Tools for managing CSS layout:

  • Organize named z-index values in a list
  • Manage all breakpoints in a map, and access with media-query helpers
  • Use our positioning, clearfix, and box-model utilities


If you already imported accoutrement/sass/tools you are ready to go. If you want to import individual plugins, make sure you first import the shared core:

  @import '<path-to>/accoutrement/sass/core';
  @import '<path-to>/accoutrement/sass/plugin/layout';

If you’re using Eyeglass, you can leave off most of the path:

  @import 'accoutrement/core';
  @import 'accoutrement/plugin/layout';

Media Queries

Establish your media-query breakpoints, or use sizes from [Accoutrement Scale][scale.html] directly:

$sizes: (
  'page': 36rem,

$breakpoints: (
  'banner-text': 24em,

Access your breakpoints with above(), below(), and between() mixins:

.banner-text {
  display: none;

  @include above('banner-text') {
    display: block;

.container {
  @include below('page') {
    padding: .5em;

We remove .09em or 1px from max-width queries, to account for media-query overlap issues.