Accoutrement 4.0.4

Function Registration

Because Sass 3.5+ requires first-class functions, we provide tools for capturing functions and making them available to the Accoutrement map parser. This also provides the ability to alias functions as you like.

$functions (map)

$functions: () !default;

We provide a single map to store & manage functions that you would like to use inside Accoutrement maps.

$functions: (
  'inspect': meta.get-function('inspect', $module: 'meta'),

Functions can be registered multiple times, under any aliases, but function maps are not able to use the alias syntax.

Since 4.0.0:

  • BREAKING: No longer accepts alias references or any other aspects of the token syntax

Since 0.1.0:

  • NEW: Supports the Accoutrement map-reference syntax, for creating function aliases

Map Properties

<alias>: (function)

Each alias key in the map should refer to a captured function

Used By

@function get() [private]

@mixin register()

@mixin register()

Register functions with Accoutrement.

Parameters & Output

$function: (function)

The first-class function to be registered

$names...: $function (strings)

One or more alias names (strings) to use for map-access to the function

{CSS output} (code block)

{map} $_ACCOUTREMENT_APP - Functions are registered in a map under any number of aliases


@function set() [private]

$functions (map)