JavaScript Web Developer

collaborative team, flexible hours, competitive pay

OddBird is a small team (you’ll be #6), working on a mix of client and internal projects. This is an hourly job with long-term potential, flexibility between part-time or full-time remote work, and a good hourly rate.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position – thanks for your interest!


  • Enjoy working collaboratively on complex problems
  • Are involved with the vision and direction of the company: how we work, who we work for, and how we manage resources
  • Are paid a competitive hourly rate, equally across the entire team
  • Write tests (100% coverage everywhere, always) and documentation
  • Give and receive code reviews as collaborators
  • Are encouraged to have lives & interests outside of work
  • Set our own hours, and work from anywhere
  • Listen to users, and enjoy having our assumptions challenged/tested
  • Care about diversity in the tech community
  • Engage with the software community as part of the job – writing articles, sharing tools, and giving talks

Our process keeps design and development tightly integrated – everyone working together (with clients and users) towards a unified goal. We make decisions as a team, find clients together, and collaborate to build them the best tools we can. When there’s work to be done, we all chip in, and we all get paid equally for our time.


  • Have experience writing JavaScript for the web, preferably not limited to a single framework
  • Enjoy solving complex problems with readable, efficient, tested code
  • Can explain the decisions behind your work, and the tradeoffs involved
  • Work closely with designers to integrate form & function
  • Enjoy the push-and-pull of a tight feedback cycle
  • Enjoy exploring outside what you know, and questioning your assumptions
  • Are regularly available to check-in during US work hours, roughly 10am-4pm Central Time

While we are specifically hiring for JavaScript experience, we’re interested in the full range of your skills and interests.