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Illustrated faces: Carl, Kit, Stacy, Miriam, Sondra, Erica, and Jonny

OddBirding Guide

Welcome to OddBird!

OddBird was founded in 2008 by three siblings – Miriam, Jonny, and Carl. Since then we’ve grown to be a small team of web contractors collaborating on custom web sites, applications, and tools. This is your guide to working with our team: what we’re offering, and what we expect in return.

Moving Thoughtfully:

Our Commitment to You:

We want your time with OddBird to be fun, challenging, educational, and rewarding. One of the owners will schedule a regular check-in with you to see how things are going, and help along the way.

Equal Compensation


All contractors are encouraged to take 5 days of PTO annually, paid at $400/day.


Our books are open to the team, and the owners will give a financial report at the beginning of every month. We will also maintain a yearly spreadsheet showing the company finances, income, and expenses — including the hours worked and pay invoiced by each contractor.


OddBird maintains a “rainy-day” fund to smooth over the impact of fluctuations in available client work, and we aim to keep this fund at a level sufficient to keep the team working on internal projects for up to three months without client work.

Education & Technology

OddBird provides $1000 a year towards continuing education related to your work — conferences, classes, books, etc.

OddBird also provides $500 each year towards technology purchases that contribute to your daily work. If unused in a year, this money rolls over to subsequent years.

These benefits are available after you’ve been working with OddBird for at least six months.


All work is remote, and all pay is hourly. You are never required to work more hours than you are interested and able. Take a vacation whenever you need, take the afternoon off to play with your kids, or work a bit extra to buy yourself a treat. Just let the team know your schedule in advance, so we can all adjust as needed.


If you are interested in learning aspects of the process that are new and interesting to you (a designer interested in Python?), let us know, and we’ll help you get there. We’re open to adjusting job descriptions, and even facilitating horizontal movement in the company.


We’re a small company, and everyone has a say in the direction we want to go. While owners will have final say in major company decisions, we want the entire team involved in the conversation.

Giving Back

Every month, up to 10% of your invoice to OddBird can be time spent on open-source contributions, work-related blogging or book-writing, and conference talks. We also contribute regularly to charities that help improve diversity-in-tech, and we’re open to your suggestions on where our money should go.


One of the owners will be assigned to check in with you on a regular basis, and be available as-needed for any questions or concerns you might have. We want to know how things are going for you!

If there are concerns with your work performance or team interaction, we will talk with you about them and give you a chance to correct the problem, before making a decision to remove you from the team. In case of serious misconduct, you may be removed from the team immediately.


OddBird has a comprehensive Code of Conduct to ensure the comfort and safety of all our contributors. We take harassment seriously, and want to look out for your well-being.

Yearly Bonus

End-of-year bonuses depend on how the company is doing in a given year.

Your Commitment to OddBird:


OddBird puts a high value on flexibility. We want the company to fit your life, not the other way around. Good communication is required to make that possible, but most everything else is flexible with prior arrangement. Let us know what you are thinking, and what you need, and we’ll work with you to make it possible.


While you determine your own work schedule, we have some basic requests for availability and overlap with the team. Here are a few assumptions we’ll make, unless you arrange something different with us in advance:

If you plan to be unavailable or not working for a full day or more, please add your plans as an event on the OddBird Availability Google Calendar.


We like to work collaboratively on each feature, passing responsibility back and forth so that everyone on the team has an understanding of the user-story goals, requirements, and implementation. It requires active communication and consistent documentation to keep everyone up-to-speed.

Finding Clients

As a small consulting company, OddBird relies on each of our contributors to be involved in bringing in new work. If you are at a conference, a local tech meetup, or anywhere else, we hope that you’ll mention OddBird (where appropriate) when introducing yourself, and keep your eyes and ears open for clients who could use our services.


OddBird pays invoices on a monthly basis, and sends invoices to clients on the same schedule.