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Our team is experienced in digital product planning, discovery, and go-to-market strategy. We’ll help you find your way to the right product – a combination of your business goals and user needs – with a robust plan for development and launch. This flat-rate discovery package is a great place to start your new project.

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It was easy to talk about technology options. OddBird was both flexible (working within the constraints of our existing systems) and opinionated (bringing context from past experience).

—Matthew King, Engineering Manager at Second Measure

Project Discovery & Planning with Development Estimate

everything you need to start development

Have you raised your first round of funding and need a design & development partner to help make your brilliant idea a reality? Or do you need help fleshing out your idea and documenting it with interactive demos for investors and stakeholders? Are you curious how much it might cost to develop your web app?

This package provides all the documentation required to take your project to the next step. Understand the full scope of your vision, experiment with interactive wireframes, define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and see a full estimate for design and development. Perfect for demonstrating your idea to investors, letting them know how much funding you need and your plans for using the money, or for taking the leap into active production! Along the way, we’ll deliver:

Project Overview

Your chance to provide a general sense of the goals, scope, and requirements of the project. Much of the information may be available in planning documents you have already generated. This is a central reference to build from.

User Profiles

Imagine a day in the life of your user. When and where do they use your application? What activities does a user go through during a day. At what times and in what locations will they interact with your application?

User Stories

A list of expected features, written as “stories” from the perspective of a single user. What are they trying to do, and why? The final list represents all of the ways that a user will interact with the application. The final development estimate will be itemized by story, making it easier to set your priorities and budget for each phase of the project.

Data Model/Glossary

What are the core concepts/objects around which the application is built? These will be the models. What are the relationships between the models? What data attributes does each model have, and what is the data-type for each attribute? Giving everything a name and describing the relationships will help guide development, and keep the entire team on the same page.

Interactive Wireframe

A basic, interactive design of the application, showing the movement of users through core interactions defined in the User Stories. We’ll make it look good, but lo-fi and unbranded, including several linked gray-scale pages. Perfect for a proof-of-concept for generating board-member, stakeholder, or investor buy-in. This will also be useful for a development team to kick-start the full production process when you take that next step.

Design/Development Estimate

We’ll estimate each User Story individually, providing you with an itemized estimate, organized into phases when appropriate. We’ll work with you to add, remove, and rearrange features to find the right balance of functionality and budget.

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