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Tag: Accessibility

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  1. Winging It post type

    Using New Color Formats

    Miriam Suzanne, Stacy Kvernmo, and James Stuckey Weber demo how to use new color formats with OddContrast, a color tool for previewing, accessibility testing, and selecting the format/space.

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  2. Miriam on stage talking and gesturing
in front of a projection screen
wearing a yellow leather jacket
and white-blue-pink lightning-bolt earrings
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    Embracing the Universal Web

    CSS-Tricks asked a number of web builders the same question…

    What about building websites has you interested this year?” There are constantly new features appearing in browsers – from subgrid to variable fonts to better developer tools. It’s a really great time to be re-thinking everything we know about design on the web. Responsive design has served us…

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    Jonny next to vertical stripes of color
    Article post type

    How to Choose Beautiful & Accessible Brand Colors for Your Website

    How do you select a set of colors that express the attitude of your brand, look great together, and pass WCAG accessibility standards? How many colors is too many? This step-by-step guide outlines OddBird’s process for tackling these challenges.

    It’s important to define your brand goals first and review them throughout the process. Next, do some research for inspiration. What colors are the other companies in your field using? Use Paletton to generate a cohesive color palette. Test color contrast to ensure accessibility. Finally, create prototypes to make sure you colors work well in context.

  4. Sondra looks at large ampersand symbol painted on building exterior
    Article post type

    How to Choose Engaging & Accessible Typography for Your Website Brand

    How do you choose the best fonts for a brand identity among the thousands of options available on the interwebs these days? Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebranding like us, this step-by-step guide can help focus and direct your process. First, define your brand goals. Next, explore your options…

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