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Tag: Custom Properties

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2021 Posts

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    Beyond CSS Variables

    Pushing past global design tokens


    • at An Event Apart Spring Summit on


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    When Variables Cascade

    An exploration of CSS custom properties


    • at SmashingConf Austin/NY on
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    Using Custom Property “Stacks” to Tame the Cascade

    Since the inception of CSS in 1994, the cascade and inheritance have defined how we design on the web. Both are powerful features, but as authors we’ve had very little control over how they interact. Selector specificity and source order provide some minimal “layering” control, without a lot of nuance…

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    CSS Custom Properties In The Cascade

    a deep-dive into what’s possible

    Pushing past the “variable” metaphor, CSS Custom Properties can provide new ways to balance context and isolation in our patterns and components.

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    Smashing CSS Follow-Up Q&A

    Questions about Dynamic CSS

    I had the pleasure of presenting both a talk and workshop at Smashing Conf in San Francisco this year. During the talk, people left questions in a collaborative doc, so I’m here to provide the answers!

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    Advanced CSS for Modern Applications

    with practical use-cases, tooling, and pitfalls


    • at Generate New York on
    • at Smashing Conf on
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    Bar graph chart
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    More CSS Charts, with Grid & Custom Properties

    Inspired by Robin Rendle, I demonstrate some of my early experiments combining CSS Grids and custom properties to create dynamic layouts and data-visualizations.