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Tag: Sports Sector

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  1. Quarq Race Intelligence

    Real-time race analytics

    Quarq Race Intelligence captures and interprets race performance and state-of-play information, and delivers that data in real time to spectators, commentators, race officials, third-party analysis software and visualization tools. Integrating with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, the app shows racers’ positions, direction, speed, heart-rate, and a number of other statistics…

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  2. World's greatest athlete, Stacy Kvernmo's latest bike ride stats and mapped route
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    Real-time telemetry & sharing for athletes

    A custom application we designed and built in collaboration with Quarq’s internal developers – including a responsive interface, real-time mapping & telemetry, social networking, and third-party integrations with Strava, Training Peaks, Dropbox, and Today’s Plan.

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