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Athlete list tied to their location and elevation

Quarq Race Intelligence

Real-time race analytics

Quarq Race Intelligence captures and interprets race performance and state-of-play information, and delivers that data in real time to spectators, commentators, race officials, third-party analysis software and visualization tools. Integrating with Quarq’s telemetry and reporting hardware, the app shows racers’ positions, direction, speed, heart-rate, and a number of other statistics in real time. Our mobile-optimized web interface has been used for bicycle races, triathlons, and non-competitive events, including regular IronMan and Enduro races.

What We Did

ironman leader board showing
        real-time order of athletes and expanded
        speed, cadence, and power of one athlete


  • Project Management
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Languages & Tools

  • Adobe XD
  • Herman
  • JavaScript with Backbone & Marionette
  • Sass & CSS

Just like the Quarq power meters changed the playing field for power measurement, this new technology is going to change the way people watch races.

Seguimiento GPS de atletas en IronMan Kona gracias a Quarq Race Intelligence.