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UI component library color palette options grouped by category

Second Measure Component Library

React design system & component library

Second Measure provides a daily view into company performance & consumer behavior data. We were hired to help organize the code and design systems into a reusable and fully documented React component library and integrated design system.

What We Did

spacing and margin documentation in Storybook


  • Design System workflow training

Languages & Tools

  • CSS
  • JavaScript with React styled-components
  • Storybook

OddBird was quick to learn and pick up new technologies. They delivered high quality code, and delivered on time.

When the inventor of the modern design system names you as the number one person she’d hire to build a design system, well then I jump! I’m grateful she put us in contact.

It was easy to talk about technology options. OddBird was both flexible (working within the constraints of our existing systems) and opinionated (bringing context from past experience).

I appreciated the specific experience OddBird brought to bear in terms of building component libraries, particularly the need to incrementally import the component library in order to have it successfully be used.

Interested in an audit of your code or looking for a partner to build your component library or design system? Check out our design system services.