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Integrated Design Systems

Want to reduce technical debt and scale your applications?

OddBird provides design-system training and implementation – including strategy & design audits, automated style guides & pattern libraries, component libraries, integrated toolkits, and robust front-end architecture. If you’re a project manager, scrum master, or team leader, why not make your job easier?

Let’s chat about your design system

When the inventor of the modern design system names you as the number one person she’d hire to build a design system, well then I jump! I’m grateful she put us in contact.

—Tara Kelly, Director Of Product Design at Second Measure

I appreciated the specific experience OddBird brought to bear in terms of building component libraries, particularly the need to incrementally import the component library in order to have it successfully be used.

—Matthew King, Engineering Manager at Second Measure

Integrating Tools & Processes

Whether you want short-term training for your team, or active consulting on the design and development of your system, we have you covered. We’re experts at building systems on a budget, and integrating tools & daily process to keep your system meaningful and up-to-date.

Your team will learn to…

  • Audit existing sites for patterns and problems
  • Maintain consistency in the design throughout an application
  • Build a foundation that leads to a scalable code base
  • Discover and create meaningful patterns
  • Speed up processes
  • Communicate effectively as a team
  • Find bugs before committing code
  • Create a layout system that works for your audience

Herman Automated Style Guide

Herman is a free tool made by OddBird which creates a living pattern library from the code in your CSS files. It saves time by standardizing designer/developer communication, on-boarding, and hand-off, helping to make your life a little easier.

Depending on your needs, Herman may be included in a design systems training and implementation project. We work with you to determine the best tools for your company.

screenshot showing Herman color palette pattern functionality Learn more about Herman

Miriam presenting

Resilient Web Training & Consulting

Take full advantage of the universal web, and reduce maintenance over the long term with resilient HTML, CSS, and JS systems. OddBird provides custom consulting and in-depth trainings on front-end architecture and workflow – from advanced HTML/CSS to integrated design systems, component libraries, testing, and documentation.

Contact us for 1-3 day workshops with Miriam Suzanne, or custom web app creation with our team of Python, UX, and front-end experts.

Schedule a call with Miriam