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App UI of product installation flow

MetaDeploy Case Study

Salesforce product installer

MetaDeploy helps nonprofit Salesforce admins and developers configure, install, and test packaged products – providing a graphic web interface for tasks and flows previously handled in the command-line. Admins can select from available products like the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or Education Data Architecture (EDA), to install on one of their Salesforce organizations. MetaDeploy helps make packages easy to find, while allowing users to customize their installations, and run preflight checks before committing to a full install.

What We Did

view of a successful NPSP installation showing
      each step of the process


  • Research & Concepting
  • Project Management
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Usability Testing

Languages & Tools

  • Adobe XD
  • Django & Python
  • JavaScript with React & Redux
  • Sass & CSS
  • Storybook

The OddBird team’s support of our engineers… has been exemplary. OddBird is the polar opposite of consultancies that deliver “exact words” solutions. They understand our objectives as well as we do, if not better, and deeply engage to deliver those objectives.

OddBird became an extension of our team bringing UX, frontend, and backend brilliance to take MetaDeploy from an idea into a production application.