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Sass Color Spaces (Request for Comments)

A new proposal for color management in Sass

There’s been a lot of exciting work in the CSS color specifications lately, and since the new features are already starting to land in browsers, we’ve been preparing to add support in Sass as well. My proposal for that is published and ready for public feedback!

Read the summary & proposal »

I’m very excited about the new color features starting to roll out in CSS – and similarly excited to make them available (with some extra tooling) in Sass as well. This will allow us to:

I hope to write more about color spaces here at some point, but for now check out the request for comments, or dive straight into the full proposal. If you want to learn more about color spaces in CSS, Bramus Van Damme has a great collection of resources, Chris Lilley & Lea Verou released the handy Color.js library, and all of this is based on CSS Color Level 4 and Level 5.

Safari is the farthest along in terms of browser support for the new color spaces, but this is all part of Interop 2022 – which means every browser is trying to get it done this year. I recommend installing the latest Safari Technology Preview and playing around with it!

I put a lot of work into this proposal, and I’m excited to get feedback. Along the way, I also went down a few rabbit holes. If you’re interested, check out The Gray Areas of HWB Color, or my Codepen experiments with Sass color inversion and interpolation of missing channels.