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Patricia Realini

Technical project manager @ OddBird from

Patricia is a technical product manager, lead project manager, front end developer, community organizer, and artist.

Patricia is an OddBird Emeritus who navigated projects through development, to ensure smooth sailing for our clients and an enchanting experience for their users. With experience in software engineering and a background in art & marketing, they harness their passions to act as a conduit for empathetic user experience, high impact contributions with measurable results, and refining process through facilitation and iterative organization. Patricia has volunteered extensively in the JavaScript community for organizations including Node.js, Node Together, EmpireJS, BrooklynJS, and MaptimeLA and spoken at tech conferences around the globe.

Open Source


Color contrast checker with Oklch, Oklab, P3, and more

OddContrast is a color format converter, featuring newer color formats like Oklch, Oklab, and the Display P3 color space. It’s also a color contrast checker to help designers meet WCAG 2 accessibility standards.

HTML & CSS Polyfills

Cascade Layers, CSS Anchor Positioning, Popover

Along with our work for the W3C developing specifications for the CSS language, OddBird has started and maintains a number of powerful polyfills for new web platform features including Cascade Layers, CSS Anchor Positioning, and the Popover attribute.


Automated style guides

Design systems streamline development, communication, and consistency – but often rely on dedicated teams and extended budgets. We wanted a tool that helps create and maintain living style guides & pattern libraries in an agile process, and on a budget. Herman helps you keep your development process simple – and your UX consistent – as you scale over time.


Integrated design-system management in Sass

OddBird’s Accoutrement tools help keep design tokens meaningful to both humans and machines – opening the door for automation, while improving readability. These tools also integrate with Herman, our automated pattern-library generator.