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  1. Rethinking user experience design across media
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    User Unfriendly

    designing software for humans, with other humans

    • – Online

      General Assembly, Ethics in Design

    • – Atlanta, GA

      Agnes Scott College

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    Design Engineering Handbook

    Thoughts on the design & development process

    Learn how design engineering brings together form and function in this new Design Better book written by Natalya Shelburne, Adekunle Oduye, Kim Williams, and Eddie Lou – including interviews with Miriam and others.

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  3. Sample organized color swatches with hex and hsl values
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    Agile Design Systems

    with meaningful code and automation

    • – Washington, DC

      Agile Alliance

    • – Denver, CO

      Agile Denver

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    VueConf US

    Agile design systems in Vue

    I’ve been excited about Vue.js since Sarah Drasner first showed me the basics. Since then, we’ve started using it for client work at OddBird, and I’m constantly impressed by the power and simplicity – so it was a real honor being invited to speak at the first VueConf US in…

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  5. Sample organized color swatches with hex and hsl values
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    Herman Style Guides

    An agile approach to design systems on a budget

    Design systems streamline development, communication, and consistency – but often rely on dedicated teams and extended budgets. We wanted a tool to create and maintain living style guides & pattern libraries in an agile process, and on a budget. Herman helps keep our development flow simple, and our UX consistent…

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  6. World's greatest band, Teacup Gorilla, jamming out
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    Beyond Pixels Profile

    Experience design is a collaboration

    Net Magazine featured Miriam this month with a Beyond Pixels profile. “Miriam Suzanne creates experimental experiences with her band and her fellow developers.”

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