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Miriam Suzanne speaking at CSSDay

CSSDay 2016 Recap

CSSDay was held in sunny Arizona on December 3, 2016. The conference is geared towards front-end developers who want to dive deeper into advanced CSS topics.

CSS Day 2016 covered a wide range of topics for a one day conference including SVG, animation, color theory, design, layout and more. Throughout the day, a focus on code architecture was a theme. Attendees heard a few different perspectives which were interesting to listen to and compare.

Below are the available videos and slides of each session, including two from our very own OddBirds.

SVG: from Practical to Wild by Sarah Drasner

Sarah has become one of the primary voices on web-SVG and animation, leading to her recent SVG Animations book from O’Reilly.

(video unavailable)

Color Theory for people who code SVG and CSS by Natalya Shelburne

Applying the principles of functional programming to CSS by Ben Adam

Code Patterns for Pattern Making by Miriam Suzanne

The In-Betweeners of Responsive Web Design by Pralie Dutzel

Style Guide-Driven Development: Documentation that Does Work by Jan Jorgensen

The Great State of Design by Stacy Kvernmo

jQuery out, CSS in by John Boere

John’s talk was a case study looking into the benefits of switching from jQuery to CSS for web and mobile applications.

(video unavaliable)

Solving CSS at scale with your own UI framework by CJ Cenizal

Showing Gratitude

The organizers and volunteers did a great job bringing the community together.

Helping to plan CSSDay with my friends as a conference by developers, for developers, has been one of the most rewarding and exciting things that I’ve been able to do in my career. I’ve met so many amazing and talented people along the way. It has been an experience.

—Brad Westfall

This was the second year Brad Westfall organized this event. We are very thankful for conference organizers like Brad and his team, who post videos of the sessions, making this knowledge accessible for those who could not join us live.

As always, we would love to discuss the content covered in these videos shared from CSS Day 2016. Send us a message via Twitter.