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2022 Posts

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  2. Online Together Fall Summit 2021, October 11-13
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    Styling the Intrinsic Web

    With Cascade Layers & Container Queries


    • at SmashingConf SF on
    • at An Event Apart Fall Summit on
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    fragment of an inverted triangle with the cascade --
cascade layers are highlighted below element-attached styles
and above specificity
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    A Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers

    Cascade layers are a new CSS feature that allows us to define explicit contained layers of specificity, so that we have full control over which styles take priority in a project without relying on specificity hacks or !important. This guide is intended to help you fully understand what cascade layers are for, how and why you might choose to use them, the current levels of support, and the syntax.


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    Container Queries & The Future of CSS

    Modernizing the cascade for responsive design systems


    • at Smashing Meets CSSummer on
    • at CSS Café on
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    What Is The Future Of CSS?

    Starting a new season of the Smashing Podcast with a look at the future of CSS. What new specs will be landing in browsers soon? Drew McLellan talks to Miriam to find out.

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    Beyond CSS Variables

    Pushing past global design tokens


    • at An Event Apart Spring Summit on
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    When Variables Cascade

    An exploration of CSS custom properties


    • at SmashingConf Austin/NY on
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    Cascade Aligned Programming

    What does it mean to style a universal medium?


    • at Front Range Front End on
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    text CSS is Awesome on background of sunset over water
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    Advanced CSS for Modern Applications

    with practical use-cases, tooling, and pitfalls


    • at Generate New York on
    • at Smashing Conf on