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  1. Weekly fireside chat:
What's the job of a design engineer?
Featuring Miriam Suzanne
    Video post type

    What’s the job of a “design engineer”?

    A fireside chat

    There are often tall walls between designers and developers, sometimes with only one significant handoff moment during a sprint. We discuss the role of the ‘design engineer’ and what it means for workflows, collab with their product team, and the end-user experience.

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  2. Rethinking user experience design across media
    Talk post type

    User Unfriendly

    designing software for humans, with other humans

    • – Online

      General Assembly, Ethics in Design

    • – Atlanta, GA

      Agnes Scott College

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  3. Video post type

    Design Engineering Handbook

    Thoughts on the design & development process

    Learn how design engineering brings together form and function in this new Design Better book written by Natalya Shelburne, Adekunle Oduye, Kim Williams, and Eddie Lou – including interviews with Miriam and others.

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  4. Sketched design concept
    Talk post type

    Planning Your Web Project

    • – Westminster, CO

      Boost Biz Ed

    • – Denver, CO

      EdTech Colorado

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  5. OddBird's GitHub Project Board
    Article post type

    Auditioning GitHub Projects

    With the release of kanban-style project boards, we decided to move our open design process over to GitHub and give it a try.

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  6. sass guidelines and css guidelines
    Talk post type

    No Pain No Gain

    CSS Code Reviews

    • SassConf 2015

    • CSS Dev Conf

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