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sass guidelines and css guidelines

No Pain No Gain

CSS Code Reviews

Sure, you can write CSS but can you describe each decision you made with confidence? While there are many ways to do the same thing, having a true understanding of CSS properties will help you write better code and faster. Code reviews to the rescue!

We will go over the different ways to conduct a code review and begin your journey to greatness!

Upcoming Workshop

Mia from behind,
standing at a laptop -
speaking to a conference audience
and gesturing to one side

Cascading Style Systems

A workshop on resilient & maintainable CSS

New CSS features are shipping at an unprecedented rate – cascade layers, container queries, the :has() selector, subgrid, nesting, and so much more. It’s a good time to step back and understand how these tools fit together in a declarative system – a resilient cascade of styles.

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