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2020 Posts

  1. Enjoy the Vue! (#44)
    Podcast post type

    CSS, Sass, and Playwriting

    I join Ari, Ben, and Tessa to talk about getting into CSS from other languages, the absurdly massive problem CSS is designed to solve, and the mental model behind the language.

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  2. Miriam speaking at Develop Denver, 2019
    Talk post type

    Dynamic CSS

    with grids & custom properties

    • – Online

      Shift Remote

    • – Denver, CO

      Develop Denver

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  1. Views on Vue Podcast
    Podcast post type

    Design Systems & CSS

    We start by talking about design systems and design tooling – how they differ, and the problems they solve.

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  2. Miriam talking with Jen Simmons and others
    Article post type

    Smashing CSS Follow-Up Q&A

    Questions about Dynamic CSS

    I had the pleasure of presenting both a talk and workshop at Smashing Conf in San Francisco this year. During the talk, people left questions in a collaborative doc, so I’m here to provide the answers!

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  3. Miriam Suzanne and former OddBird Una Kravets
    Article post type

    VueFinder at VueConf, 2019

    Dynamic CSS with Vue

    Inspired by VueConf 2018 I spent some time learning JS and Vue in more depth, and built myself a more flexible VueFinder presentation tool to fit my needs. This year, I returned to VueConf and gave the closing talk on passing data between CSS and Vue.

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  4. Miriam Suzanne speaking at a conference
    Podcast post type

    Dynamic CSS Interview

    a mid-conference conversation

    Thunder Nerds interview me before her talk at VueConf US 2019.

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  1. Views on Vue Podcast
    Podcast post type

    Fonts & more

    Miriam talks with the Views on Vue panel about design, tools, fonts, and more.

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  2. Generated art using CSS Grid inspired by Jared Tarbell
    Article post type

    Beyond Tellerand

    Grid Systems & Vue Invaders!

    I love when conferences give me the opportunity to travel around the world. I love it even more when conferences go beyond the web to find inspiration from other fields. Beyond Tellerand (Düsseldorf, Germany) was the best possible combination.

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  3. Article post type

    VueConf US

    Agile design systems in Vue

    I’ve been excited about Vue.js since Sarah Drasner first showed me the basics. Since then, we’ve started using it for client work at OddBird, and I’m constantly impressed by the power and simplicity – so it was a real honor being invited to speak at the first VueConf US in…

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