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Miriam talking with Jen Simmons and others

Resilient Web Systems

A workshop with practical steps to take full advantage of the web

Take full advantage of the universal web and reduce maintenance over the long term with resilient HTML, CSS, and JS systems. Workshop attendees gain a deep understanding of CSS, learn the best context for each layout system, look at workflow and tooling to improve team process, and much more.

The web platform is designed to be universally accessible and resilient across a range of devices and interfaces. That presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for web applications.

We offer 1-3 day workshops at conferences to help you take full advantage of the web, improve team process, and reduce maintenance over the long term. Prices are negotiable, depending on the size and location of the conference. Contact us to book or catch us at the next event listed below.

Miriam is a fantastic speaker, with wonderful teaching skills, and highly praised by attendees of the conference and the workshop alike.

Choose Your Own Adventure

CSS Fundamentals In-Depth

It’s possible to write CSS for years without fully understanding the core features of the language: from the cascade & inheritance, to the declarative & contextual programming paradigm.

Resilient Code

Browser support & device compatibility don’t have to be difficult and expensive. We’ll cover a number of techniques for building more resilient and universal front end code, while taking advantage of new browser features as they become available.

Modern Layout

We’ll cover the web layout system as a whole – grids, flow, flexbox, alignment, intrinsic sizing, and queries – showing when and how to mix and match techniques for fast and dynamic layouts.

Organizing Conventions

From OOCSS to ITCSS, SMACSS, BEM, and atomic design, there are a number of naming and organizing conventions that can help us write modular & maintainable CSS. We’ll look at what these systems have in common, and how to adapt those principles for the needs of your team or project.

Design Systems

Reusable design & component systems can improve consistency, code-quality, and team communication. You don’t need a dedicated team and budget to get started. We’ll talk about planning and designing systems in an agile and integrated environment.


Documentation is central to maintainable code, but how do we make sure the documentation itself is maintained and up-to-date? We’ll look at workflow and tooling for automated and integrated style guides and documentation.

Tooling & Testing

The tools we use help define our workflow, and the long-term reliability of our code. Tools & tests should help encourage best-practice without locking us into antiquated systems. We’ll talk about designing the right tooling and testing workflow for your team or project.

Team Process

Struggling with messy handoff or communication between designers & developers? We can help you find the practical workflows that keep your process running smoothly.

Using JS Frameworks

With the proliferation of modern JavaScript frameworks, we need to rethink exactly how the core web languages relate and work together. With some thoughtful integration we can take advantage of all the new power in tools like React and Vue without losing sight of what HTML & CSS provide.

Sass Modules & Pre-Processing

Sass has become one of the fundamental tools for writing clear & maintainable CSS, and is growing quickly with a new modular syntax, more powerful math, and new features landing regularly. We’ll help you get the most out of everything Sass has to offer.